Bought Out Junior Remains Draft Eliglble

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Bought Out Junior Remains Draft Eliglble

Post by Stone » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:49 am

Issue Reported:
"league 1678, player 747

was drafted by Cēsu Vikingi, then bought out by auto-gm while the player was sent down to juniors. That resulted in the player becoming a full time junior team player and being available for draft again despite the fact he should be an UFA"


Player is 20 years old, draft is not complete. AutoGM drafts the player but then buys them out (curious why that happened! Unfortunately the debug file is back from July and that's long gone).

Since the player was still on juniors they are still eligible for draft.

What I think happens here is that because they are draft age eligible they are put back into the draft to be re-drafted.

Once they hit 21 years old they would then become a real free agent.

Need to investigate what would happen in the NHL.

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