Goalies/Positions for Inaugural Drafts AND GM Draft Lists

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Goalies/Positions for Inaugural Drafts AND GM Draft Lists

Post by Stone » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:38 pm

This is considering Inaugural Drafts (those held in Season 1) only.

Currently the auto-drafter does have code to draft players in a ratio: 1 Goalie in every 10 players drafted.

However, if a GM has a draft list, the auto-drafter will select from that list first before considering player positions. If the GM happens to load up their Draft list with goalies, defensemen, whatever, the autodrafter will blindly draft from that list.

Placing the position consideration code to be run before looking at the GM draft list will allow an inaugural draft to be conducted where a GM can "load up" on goalies, however, only 1 goalie will be selected per 10 players (3 in the default draft of 25 rounds for inaugural drafts).

This would also apply to other positions. The following ratios would be imposed on the GM draft list for Season 1 only:

centers: 2 / 10
left wings: 2 / 10
right wings: 2 / 10
defense: 3 / 10
goalies: 1 / 10

Players of the "Forward" position are placed in whichever C/LW/RW position is lower. Tiebreakers are based on C > LW > RW.

When moving on to Season 2, the auto drafter would not consider positions and just draft blindly based on the GM's order.