Draft Auto-List Formula Change

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Draft Auto-List Formula Change

Post by Stone » Mon Jul 20, 2020 12:40 pm

Currently Premium league GMs can use the Draft Auto-List to create a list of eligible junior players for the draft. The draft currently sorts all players/goalies by their overall skill (highest to lowest).

Instead of Overall, we would instead use two different formulae and merge them into a single list. We would look at the statistics from the previous season.

Players: Points / Game
Goalies: (Saves / 15) / Game

Eligible juniors would be ranked by that stat.

---- EDIT ----
We'd take whatever scouting report the GM has for the current season with OV, then SH, then LastName as the tiebreakers.

This formula would be applicable for leagues even in Season 1 since GMs will be able to scout players as desired.

---- FURTHER EDIT -----

Ideal sorting would be by Skill Class, Count of scouted attributes, OV, SH, LastName.