Ability to Edit Stats [Long]

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Ability to Edit Stats [Long]

Post by Stone » Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:36 pm

Give the COM the ability to edit stats:

- Player/Goalie Game Stats (add, edit, delete)
- Team Standings (total, home, away) (edit only)

At the moment I am not sure if this will be premium or free... I am concerned this could possibly be used to get around the 2-season cap for free leagues...

additionally there may be more extensive work needed to allow for the editing of game stats, especially where exact duplicates occur... I think in the rare case the exact same record is entered into game stats the only option a COM may have is to delete one of them. I may need to go back and apply unique game ids to all gamestat entries... for all leagues and all seasons... could be a big job to ensure it's done right.