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Disable Trade Comments

Post by Stone » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:48 pm

We are starting to encroach on acceptable size limits for our backups, so to mitigate this, we look at data and system usage.

When GDPR became a thing, I made the decision to remove the UHS "instant messenger" that allowed folks to communicate between GMs in their leagues. This also helped alleviate some data usage from messaging, however, it also meant that we significantly increased our data usage with the trade / transaction system as some Leagues / GMs moved over to using the trade system to conduct "trade talks".

Let's be clear here: The Trade / Transaction is NOT the place for you to conduct your trade talks. There is Discord, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is not just one league doing it. Some leagues do it a lot. Others not at all. Overall, it needs to stop. I've written a short report that will show me usage in all leagues. If necessarily, I will disable the field from being used. Unfortunately, setting a flag or adding in something that would limit the usage would take more time than I am willing to put in... at this point I need development time to be focused on things we REALLY need or things to keep UHS operating with minimal maintenance.

So this is an all or nothing deal. Stop using Trade Central to conduct your trade talks or I will be disabling the comment fields.

It's one thing to offer up a trade of a player or picks with some text.... it's something completely different to offer up no players, no picks, not even a single dollar and just send a trade proposal.