S24 Chargers Lineup Overview

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S24 Chargers Lineup Overview

Post by ChargersGM » Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:24 am

After a disappointing 7th-game loss to the Montreal Mayhem in last year's Conference Finals, the Pembroke Chargers return to training camp tonight to get ready for S24.

The Chargers won't have many changes to their roster from last year. Zaid Woolley, Micah Colley and Darnell Bicanek were traded, while Maddox Dunlop was not re-signed as a Free Agent - although recent reports have suggested that the Chargers and Dunlop are discussing a reunion if Dunlop can't find a different team. Joining the team are Eric Adams, Liam Miller, and prospects Dandre Myhres, Riley Rinne and Blaze Courtnall.

Chargers coach Cael Jauvin has, however, changed up his line structure a bit. No longer will the familiar Wood-Siltanen-Sidorenko line be the top unit: Jauvin has decided to focus his top unit on being a little bit more defensively oriented, while concentrating his best offensive players on the second line. "Obviously, the guys on the first line are still very capable offensively. But we are hoping that moving guys like Bales and Nill up will give us a little more physicality against other teams' top lines, and help us start games with more energy. If we get some extremely fast, talented scorers like Wood and Siltanen slightly easier matchups that's even better."

The First Line
Kayden Nill - It's time for Nill to shine in Pembroke, and he will get that chance with an opportunity to take the team's first-line centre role from Konnor Wood. Nill has 101 points in 157 career games since making his TJHL debut four years ago, and has been one of the Chargers' leading scorers over the past two seasons.

Ernest Bales - Bales is in line for a big promotion after a career high 13 goal, 31 point season. He plays with relentless physicality and is well built at 6-0, 219. The Chargers are seeking a physical first unit that can shut down other teams' top threats, a key reason for Bales' new place in the lineup.

Jadon Sidorenko - The big guys will start the year together as Sidorenko begins the pre-season on Nill's wing. Now 30, Sidorenko will never be the goal scoring machine he was expected to be, but remains a physical force with the ability to chip in 30-40 points a year.

Zackary Astley - Astley tends to excel at whatever's asked of him, and will be eating big minutes as the Chargers' #1 D again this year. With 6 straight 30-point seasons, Astley can move the puck up ice in a variety of ways and is responsible defensively.

Layne Charlebois - As he climbs up the Chargers' all-time games played list, Charlebois continues to be a force on the back end. 6-5, 222 yet skating like the wind, getting around Charlebois tends to be a near-impossible task. He also has chipped in 30+ points in 3 of the last 4 seasons.

The Second Line
Konnor Wood - Boasting a vaunted ability to score points, Wood's game dropped off a bit last year, though he was still one of Pembroke's top scorers. The Chargers are giving Kayden Nill a shot as the #1 C, but Wood's offensive game will fit right in alongside the new look second unit.

Korey Siltanen - Wood's first-line partner last season, Siltanen is a pure sniper who meshes well with Wood's playmaking ability. Having the pair on the second line will allow them to concentrate more on their strengths - offense.

Eric Adams - Freshly acquired from the Vancouver Titans, a big part of the return for superstar prospect Darnell Bicanek, the Chargers hope Adams proves to be a good fit alongside Wood and Siltanen. He's a quick skater and very smooth offensively, and Wood and Siltanen will be the best linemates he's ever played with.

Drew Gauthier - Gauthier continues to be a key part of the Chargers, and possibly the best puck moving defenseman they have. With that playmaking ability, Gauthier is expected to thrive with new, speedier linemates.

Liam Miller - Having played with Adams in Vancouver and coming over together in the Bicanek trade, Liam Miller is a highly touted 25-year-old defenseman who injects a little bit of youth into the Chargers' defense core. Miller is not the biggest player, but holds his ground defensively and has improved every year. He has been a noted scorer at the farm level - he compiled 132 points in 142 games on the farm before making the permanent jump to pro two seasons ago.

The Third Line
Bryan Flaherty - Flaherty returns to his perch as the Chargers' third line centre, again. It's been his spot for the last 6 seasons, and he's made the most of it. Last year, Flaherty's veteran leadership and offensive ability helped Joey Guindon and Connor Roupe turn in highly productive rookie years, and Flaherty had 26 points and a +27 rating in 31 games.

Joey Guindon - After spending four years filling the net in both the farm and junior leagues, the former 10th overall pick made a smooth transition to the pro game with 12 goals and 27 points in 40 games. The Chargers expect continued improvement from Guindon this year.

Connor Roupe - At this time last year, the Chargers weren't sure what they had in Roupe. A massive junior scoring star, Roupe produced but didn't seem to progress in four years with Camrose. But finally given the chance to crack the lineup, Roupe showed that he was what the Chargers had been looking for when they picked him 3rd overall in S18, putting up 27 points in 38 games.

Cedric Carveth - Steady improvement has characterized Carveth's game, even throughout his junior and farm careers. The 28 year old finally played all 50 games (he had played between 32 and 37 in the previous four seasons) and responded by being named a league all-star. His spot in this year's lineup is solidified.

Brayan Bernier - Bernier is the fourth former first round pick on this line, and having been brought through the system exactly how they wanted him to be, it's now time for the 24-year-old to show his stuff in a full-time role. He impressed with 5 points in 11 games last year, and is as good as any young defenseman to come up through the Chargers' system in recent years. He will, however, have to do more than that to hold his spot in the lineup.

The Goaltenders
Brice Leeman - There's not much left to say about Brice Leeman, who last year became the TJHL's all-time leader in Top Goaltender awards, claiming his 4th (and 3rd straight). He also claimed his 3rd straight MVP award, becoming the only player other than Javier Ross to do so. Leeman shattered his own franchise records by posting 36 wins and a 1.46 GAA.

Juan Radulov - Radulov has proven himself as a very good TJHL starter over an 11-year career, so it was surprising to see him sign with Pembroke as a Free Agent and guarantee himself a backup role. He will provide an excellent insurance policy on nights where Leeman can't go. Radulov said he just wanted to win. The Chargers are hoping they can grant him his wish.

Davon Eklund - The 25 year old was supposed to back Leeman up this year until the Chargers announced the signing of Radulov. The Chargers aren't entirely sure what will come of Eklund this year, and have spoken with him about allowing him to play in his native Sweden until his situation becomes more clear.

The Depth Players
Adrien Genovy - The extremely highly touted Genovy could not keep his spot in the lineup over Bryan Flaherty last year, though to be fair, not many would've kept Flaherty out of the lineup with how he'd played. Genovy still showed progress in his game, and could get an increased role this year - if there's room for him to play. The Chargers remain high on Genovy - who compiled 186 points in 195 career farm games prior to last season.

Dean Skladany - When Skladany was called upon last year, he produced, and that allowed the Chargers to move on from Brandon Ceresino's expensive contract giving them a solid depth option at LW. Skladany took a long time to arrive at the TJHL level for a guy as highly touted as he was, but he is a force when he's motivated.

Dandre Myhres - Myhres career path is an interesting one - he was highly touted as a junior, then picked 7th overall, but struggled mightily and couldn't earn ice time from Camrose's head coach when he made the transition to the farm. Struggling for confidence, the Chargers surprisingly called Myhres up to the pro team for the last 3 games of the season where, as a 19 year old, he scored 2 goals and 3 points in 3 games. Confidence returned, Myhres proceeded to light up the farm league with 75 goals over the next 3 seasons, and now he's back in Pembroke hoping to pick up where he left off.

Blaze Courtnall - The versatile 23 year old has likely concluded a successful 4-year stint with Camrose, scoring 35 goals and 92 points in 134 games. Never the scoring machine guys like Genovy, Guindon, Myhres and Roupe were, Courtnall seeks to find a place in the TJHL with his ability to play any forward position effectively, and still provides some goal scoring punch.

Steve Friesen - Not long ago, Friesen was the best defenseman in the TJHL. Now, the Chargers are looking for a place to put the 31-year-old, whose game isn't really that far off from his old level. It's a problem the Chargers are happy to have. Friesen will get into the lineup at some point this year.

Riley Rinne - The 5'9, 211 pound Rinne has put up points in both his farm and junior careers on a very regular basis, however, Rinne needs to prove that his defensive game is on a TJHL level, especially at only 5'9. The Chargers love his game and are sure to give him a look at some point this year, but he will need to continue to develop slowly.

Layne Charlebois will be the Chargers' captain in S24, while Bryan Flaherty and Jadon Sidorenko will wear the "A".

Tonight's first pre-season game will be a first look at the Chargers new lines, as they get ready to pursue their fourth Maple Cup.
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