Jamir Mazur

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Jamir Mazur

Post by MelvinJ » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:18 am

So with the acquisition of Bicanek, my starting goaltender in Mazur has been changed to back up. I now need another goalie for back up as I don't want to play mazur as a back up. He has much too much to offer on a team. Now with that I want to trade him to a club that will be willing to play him. Mazur has said he will waive his NTC if he goes to a team that will play him.

Jamir Mazur G 28 6-1 201 $1.000 / 5 Marquee Quick, Strong, Tireless, Resilient, Gentleman, Skater, Passer, Soft Hands

Looking for a marquee replacement goalie, cash and picks.
-Melvin James
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