TJHL Top 25 Prospects - S11

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TJHL Top 25 Prospects - S11

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#25. G Zechariah Hemingway, North Bay Devildogs
The 'Dogs conned Mount Pearl into giving up this kid - who went undrafted through juniors - after spending three years on his development. He continues to look good on the farm, and has gotten a look in the pros too, but he won't be unseating Racicot any time soon. Hemingway will be a terrific backup for years - as long as he's not upset in the role, because he'll have starter talent pretty soon.

#24. LW Jahir Marcinyshyn, Toronto Terminators
He's gotten his first look at the pro level this year, and he's looked out of place with no points in five games, just four shots on goal, and a -11 rating. But he's got all the tools and plays a sound two-way game, so you can look for Marcinyshyn to make more of an impact and continue to improve as the year progresses and into the future.

#23. D Zackary Astley, North Bay Devildogs
One of the most hyped prospects in the S11 draft, Astley slipped to the point where he was the fourth defenseman taken (#5 overall). Then, he showed why by putting up just one point in five games on the farm so far. But his skating has opened up chances for him and his numbers will improve as the year progresses. The sky is the limit for Astley, but it's starting to look like he's got further to go than anyone thought.

#22. C Brenton Thompson, Moose Jaw Buccaneers
The 6th overall pick in S9, Thompson has never put up big offensive numbers in his career, but he's always been very dependable and capable of chipping in on offense. He only had 23 points in 49 farm games last year, but he did well enough to earn himself a spot on the Bucs' pro team to start this season, and has three points in five games to start off his TJHL career.

#21. C River Nylander, London Bulls
Speed and skill are Nylander's weapon of choice. The 6-foot-3 Swede is not afraid to use his size, but he's at his best when he's creating chances up front. In his final year of juniors, he racked up more than 450 checks avoided while scoring 39 points, then put up 78 points and 716 checks avoided in two seasons in the minors before earning a spot on London's pro roster for S11. He's done more of the same, with four points in five games.

#20. D Brennen McCulley, Stroud Lions
The top pick overall in the S11 draft, but scouts questioned the choice of such a safe pick for a franchise that needed a difference maker. Well, they got a whole lot of difference makers from Saskatoon, but scouts still question the pick, because McCulley's farm debut hasn't gone so well - one point and a -11 rating in five games.

#19. RW Arthur Ailsby, Moose Jaw Buccaneers
Ailsby's pure offensive skill. 33 goals and 51 points in S10 with Owen Sound was enough to make him the first forward taken - 4th overall - in the S11 draft. 259 checks given and a whopping +60 rating will tell you that he's also pretty good in his own end. Ailsby has started his farm career off looking very comfortable, and the offensive dynamo has four points in his first five games.

#18. G Marshall Quint, Montreal GoodFellas
Picked second overall in S10, his numbers in his one year of junior hockey were solid and he followed them up with a 15-19-3 record and .907 save percentage on the farm. Making the jump to the pros this year hasn't treated Quint as well, with an 0-3 record and an .826 save percentage in five games. The team plays better in front of Esteban Labossiere, and Quint, though obviously talented, has had his confidence shaken. He might be better off with another year of seasoning in the minors.

#17. D Layne Charlebois, Pembroke Chargers
The Chargers made a reach when they picked Charlebois ahead of players like Zackary Astley and Tyler Korpikoski with the #2 overall pick, but Charlebois has certainly shown why, even if he hasn't yet justified the selection. A very slick skating defenseman, Charlebois dodged 502 checks in S10 and is at it again, with 82 already through five games while adding five assists. He also loves to use that 6'5", 222 pound frame of his to run people over, with almost 250 checks last year and 36 so far this year.

#16. D Kelvin Helminen, Moose Jaw Buccaneers
Helminen simply gets it done at both ends of the ice. He's not overly physical, nor is he afraid to hit, but he's always in position (as evidenced by a +51 rating in S10). The Bucs pulled him out of Owen Sound just in time, and he's got six points in five games as he ventures into a TJHL career with Moose Jaw's farm team in Montreal.

#15. LW Agustin Bautin, Pembroke Chargers
He was supposed to make the team out of training camp this year, but the Chargers wanted to develop him in the minors a bit more. So Bautin went out and put up 7 points and a +7 rating in his first five games, while dishing out 39 checks to boot. Bautin went over 300 checks last year with Victoria, even though he missed 7 games, so when he finally does play pro, look for a lot of fireworks when he's on the ice.

#14. RW Aydan Sparrow, Parry Sound Pepper Shakers
Most people think this former second-round pick of the Moose Jaw Buccaneers should've played in Parry Sound last year - and that was one heck of a team, which tells you how good Sparrow is. Playing like a power forward without the frame for one, speed is certainly a concern for the 5-foot-11 Canadian, but he's got three goals already in his first five pro games and is fitting in very well.

#13. C Harry Hedman, Pembroke Chargers
He could've made the Chargers this year too, but again the team wanted to give him another year. Hedman is a pure goal scorer, with 30 goals in just 27 games in his only year in juniors and 22 goals in Victoria last year. He's got another four in this year's first five contests, and he's fast too, having avoided more than 400 checks with the Storm last season.

#12. D Dylan Muratov, Parry Sound Pepper Shakers
The Shakers churn out young talent with awesome efficiency, only exceeded by the Specters. But they've really got someone special with Muratov. The Russian born has spent four years in the hockey factory of the Brampton Battalion, and in the past two years, has compiled 76 points - while dishing out 568 checks - in just 69 games. And yes, he is a defenseman. Muratov's at it again this year - he's among the junior league leaders through five games with five goals, nine points, and 42 checks.

#11. LW Jaeden Bylsma, Mount Pearl Rock
Often overlooked because he spent his junior career with the lowly Windsor Spitfires, the 6th overall pick in the S11 draft clearly didn't like it, because he took his anger out on opponents by plastering them a whopping 389 times in S10 - that's over 10 checks per game! He had 29 points on one of the worst teams in memory in S10, and he's made the transition to the farm seamlessly, with four points and 35 checks in five games.

#10. RW Oscar Jakopin, Saskatoon Specters
Maybe ranked a little low, but you can't help but wonder what he'd do on a team that isn't loaded with stars. He spent his junior career in Sault Ste. Marie, then played two years on a fully loaded Saskatoon farm team. He's done well for himself, though, with 52 goals and 84 points in 76 career farm games. He's started the year off with three goals in five games, but with the amount Saskatoon scores, you'd almost expect more.

#9. LW Justice Schwarz, Parry Sound Pepper Shakers
There might not be a worse player in the top-25 when it comes to playing defense. But there might not be a better one when it comes to producing offense. In S8, he got into 14 games with the powerhouse Greyhounds - and scored 12 points. At age 15. That prompted the Pepper Shakers to take him 6th overall in the S9 draft (the last in which teams were allowed to select underage players). He then put up 48 points in 32 games the next year and followed it up with 44 points in 38 games in S10. He continues to go about his business this year, with four goals and five points in the campaign's opening five games.

#8. D Brennan Nechaev, Moose Jaw Buccaneers
Russia has never been known for producing defensemen that actually play terrific defense. But Brennan Nechaev has never let anything get in his way - least of all his birth certificate. He's gone through a long developmental process to earn him his position with the Bucs, but last year everyone saw Nechaev become one of the most dominant players in the farm league. He put up 36 points from the back end, while still managing a +30 rating and delivering a whopping 341 hits. He'll get into the pros eventually, he's too good not to, and he's got a mean streak that has scouts all over salivating - and leaves opposing forwards terrified.

#7. C Braxton Ribeiro, North Bay Devildogs
The Chargers deemed him expendable because he plays so similarly to Agustin Bautin, and they wanted to upgrade their offense, so they got rid of him to bring in Brady Bellefeuille. But Ribeiro's numbers last year are certainly stellar - 39 points and 332 checks on a Victoria team that didn't make it to the post-season. The physicality is missing this year (one check in three pro games; five in two games on the farm), but he should get over it.

#6. D Tyler Korpikoski, Montreal GoodFellas
The Fellas got a gift when Pembroke passed this kid over. Finland's been churning out awesome defense prospects for a few years now (see: Leroy Siltanen, Kelvin Helminen) and the smooth-skating Korpikoski might be the best of them all. He had 28 points last year, and now has five points in five games to start his farm career.

#5. C Bryan Flaherty, Parry Sound Pepper Shakers
If he were good at face-offs, he'd almost be the perfect player. Flaherty once put up 60 points in 34 games at the junior level, and three times put up 45 or more. His junior career saw 80 goals and 176 points in 139 games, and the S8 first-round pick has finally made it to the TJHL, but not without stopping in Red Deer to pot 26 goals and 42 points in S10. He's off to a slow start, with just one point in five games, but he's got too much skill to be held down for long.

#4. D Konner Bourgeois, Pembroke Chargers
Quick, physical, and with extraordinary vision, Bourgeois is the kind of defenseman every team dreams of having. Yet the Chargers fourth player on the list is also the third that could easily be on the team this year, and was demoted for another year of development. Never has the quickness been as apparent as this year, and the stat sheet shows as much - he's averaging nearly 20 checks avoided per game through the front five of S11. Oh, and he's got four points and 24 checks given too.

#3. D Steve Friesen, Saskatoon Specters
And so begins the Specters' reign of dominance at the top of the prospect charts. Then again, the Specters are at the top of just about everything. On any other team, he'd probably be in the pros right now, but instead he has three points in five games logging 25 minutes per game with the Scrubs. There may be only one player who's ever been better coming out of junior, and that's..

#2. LW Frank Evseev, Saskatoon Specters
Here he is. Probably the most hyped up player to come out of juniors ever, Evseev was picked third overall by Saskatoon as a 16-year-old, and put up 75 points in 73 games over the next two years with Owen Sound. The Specters decided to let him develop despite being obviously pro ready, but the Russian, in what some might call true Russian style, hasn't shown his best effort on the farm, and has just one point in five games. You might be surprised he's number two. But there's really no other choice for number one.

#1. C Cristian DAmour, Saskatoon Specters
When he destroyed Layne Reise's single-season goal-scoring record at the junior level with 46 goals in 37 games, people discredited him and cited a watered-down junior league that year. So DAmour went out and scored 40 goals in 50 games on the farm last year just to show everyone how good he was. He's started his pro career with three goals and five points in five games. The purest of pure goal scorers, DAmour doesn't let that get in the way of his defensive responsibilities either, having dished out 300 checks in his last year of juniors and threatening that mark on the farm last year too. If Bryan Flaherty's almost the perfect player, Cristian DAmour is the perfect player.