UHS is looking for a "Ratings Person"

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UHS is looking for a "Ratings Person"

Post by Stone » Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:17 pm

Over the course of the years that I've put to developing UHS (uhs.hockeysim.ca), I still have a big laundry list of "things-to-do". This means that I don't get to spend enough time on keeping our NHL Teams Templates updated with accurate players and ratings. I am looking for someone to keep our players & teams updated.

UHS is free and gets a pittance of revenue to help pay for ad space, so I'll be frank (actually James) and say there is no pay. We would, however, give you appropriate credit on the site as new updates are done. I may actually sign over my third child to you (heh... not gonna happen. snip snip).

I would imagine the person would be responsible for re-evaluating each player and re-rating them at the end of each NHL season. Through the course of a season I would think the effort is minimal as we are more concerned with moving players between teams as transactions are made.

UHS uses skill categories akin to the old HLS and HLS2 systems by Bethesda Softworks. Having experience with UHS, HLS or HLS2 is beneficial but not necessary. I will say that hockey knowledge is pretty much a must and being able to "guesstimate" on new / unknown players is a great skill to have.

If you already create ratings for other sims or programs, please link them when you contact me. If not, this may be an ideal time to show-case your "stuff".

I'll be honest, I imagine the person(s) selected will have about 2 months to go through and evaluate players before the NHL regular season begins. So it will depend on your day-to-day job whether this will be sufficient time for you to go through and evaluate all 30 teams and 800+ players.

If you are seriously interested in this role, you can contact me at jamesalanyoung@gmail.com. Please give me a run down of past work (if any) and why you'd do great at this role.