Canadian Email / Spam Law

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Canadian Email / Spam Law

Post by Stone » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:28 pm

There's *some* new law out there that says you can't get spammed by Canadians. Okay, this is all well and good as even I receive some crap from Canadian businesses I've repeatedly TOLD and even "unsubscribed" from that continue to send me stuff.

I am a single person... although I do represent and Ultimate Hockey Simulator as my product but don't necessarily feel I'm obligated to legally comply with this new law (even though I really agree with it). Before you start getting pissed off at me, please understand I take your privacy seriously and would never intentionally spam you guys. There have been the occasional slips that generated multiple copies of the same email... but that's attributed to me as a novice programmer.

Additionally since we only merely dabbled in "sales" and are not going down that road in the foreseeable future, I'm not completely sure that the law would apply to me / us... The general emails that you can opt out of are purely informational used typically to let you all know about an important issue, get feedback for a particular topic or let you all know when a new build has been released. I think I may have sent out *one* notice that we had a Donate button WAY back in the day but that's as close as we've come to actual advertising / attempts to solicit funds from users.

I do feel obligated to point out that you have the option to "unsubscribe" from ALL uhs emails by clicking on your UserName in the top right corner when you are logged in. When you UNCHECK the box for emails, you will not receive ANY general emails (sent from Admin) or Trade Notifications. The only emails you'd receive is one of these:

1 - I need to contact you directly because you're helping me with something or there is a technical issue.

2 - You used the Support tool to create a ticket or emailed in the later case a support ticket gets immediately logged and you'll receive an automated response before I get notified of your issue.

3 - You needed to use the Password Reset option because you lost your password.

4 - The COM or Owner of your league has reset your password... you will receive an automated email with the new password.

5 - Your league has stagnated and is in danger of being deleted... this happens when no one logs in for more than 30 days. An email is sent out to warn you of the impending deletion.

There might be something else that I can't think of but I would say the email coming would be there because it's completely necessary for UHS's function or it was a result of something you initiated.

I'm eventually going to separate the Trade Notification email (give it a separate) option when I get to work on the Waiver notification development but that won't be happening in at least the next week or so... who knows what the future holds?

So again, if you do not want to receive general emails from UHS, you already have the ability to turn it off... if you wish to do so, that is completely your call and I respect that.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.