Change to "No Way" Impact

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Change to "No Way" Impact

Post by Stone » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:24 am

In order to make the new Captains & Assistants development function properly, we need to look at the "No Way" status for players and how they impact a team. Currently any player marked as "NoWay" can basically be held onto indefinitely. They will not renegotiate with their current team, however, that team can really just sit back and do nothing.

We are going to make "No Way" players negatively impact their team in a similar manner as disgruntled coaches do:
  1. A contract offer to ANY player by the team that currently owns that NoWay player will have a -25% penalty applied to the signing factor. This is cumulative, so you will need to offer a LOT more money in contract offers if you have many NoWay players on your team.
  2. All NoWay players have a 25% chance to apply a -2 skill modifier to any player they are on the ice with. The chance is cumulative, however, the penalty is not (max 100% chance if you have 4 players on the ice that are considered NoWay).
  3. All NoWay players generate a -50% rerate increase chance to all players on their team.
Overall, as soon as you get a player that refuses to negotiate with your team, you need to move them. Buy them out, trade them, do whatever you can to get rid of them as soon as you can. The NoWay tag gets removed once they are traded away or released from your team.

Players that are marked as "FA Holdout" (players refusing to negotiate but are holding out for free agency) will NOT affect your team in any negative way at all and will still act the same as they do now.

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